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Science & technology software engineering

Our wide experience in science and technology software engineering allows us to provide services such as:

  • State of the art, bibliography
  • Measurement campaign work
  • Model or calculation code validation from experimental data
  • Digital model specifications
  • Database modelling
  • Software design and development
  • Complex calculation code optimization (parallel programming, distribution, programming GPU)
  • Scientific code reverse design
  • Digital simulation TMA and MCO

Our expertise:

  • Functional architecture variation:

- Data modelling and storage (performances, data upgradability)
- Data directory input and migration (relational databases, XML databases, file sets)
- Data transmission and optimization (data filtering, selection and presentation)

  • Technical architecture design and solution development

- Fat clients: Eclipse-RCP/Java, Qt/C++
- Rich clients: Eclipse-RCP/JAVA, Eclipse-RAP/JAVA, Flex
- Thin clients: Web, proprietary framework

  • Geographic Information Systems production (uDig, google earth, google maps, geoportail, openlayers, WMF/WMS servers)
  • Reusing existing calculation codes (JNI)
  • Interoperability with Information Systems clients (IHM, portals…)