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Network & Information Systems

Alyotech capitalises on its knowledge accumulated over many years in information system and network areas so as to meet client requirements. This aim means we approach work with an understanding of the business and requirements, tailored and innovative solution research, product and service provision quality control and keeping to costs and time limits.
In addition, we provide know-how in:

  • Developing technology products (prototypes, etc.)
  • System architecture for supporting data flow
  • Telecommunication network architecture and testing

Our contract models adapt to client requirements:
Service and Skills Centres, Control Platform, Service Package, Packages and ‘Flexible’ Packages, 
Third Party Application Management, Third Party Application Testing, Extended Enterprise, AMOA, Training, Technical support.

Our wide technology range means we are able to respond to different client areas and requirements: multitier management applications, fat clients, business portals, geographic, decision-making or technical information systems, etc.